Susan Smith Takotna Community School

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Just a couple more photos from Susan’s new job as K-4th teacher and principal for Takotna Community School in Alaska. The town has 21 kids and 65 people. Susan told us that last week the students were not allowed to walk to school until after daylight had broken because there were wolves in town.  

Susan Smith Takotna Community School

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These are current temperature graphs, in Celsius, of 3 OTCs being used by students from Takotna Community School in Alaska. The students were surprised at the fluctuation in temperatures they saw during the first few weeks of the study and now expect downward spiraling lines due to snow. The last photo is of the community during the Iditarod Sled […]

Susan A. Smith, NBCT Takotna Community School in Takotna, AK

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Ms. Muscaro’s students collected anecdotal evidence from April – June using the OTC and a control plot. There was a faster rate of initial growth in the OTC plot versus the control. Students harvested strawberries about a week earlier in the OTC plot than in the control plot. The same cultivar of rhizomes were planted on the same day/time, watered for […]

Jess Muscaro Pittsburgh Public Schools

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Nell Herrmann Blue Hill Consolidated School

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A group of students from Blue Hill Consolidated School have been completing an investigation on Kentucky Blue Grass this summer, comparing grass planted within a warming chamber to grass planted in a control plot. In addition, they have been comparing alder in a warming chamber to alder in a control plot. The results of their exploratory project will be […]

Susan Smith, Pribilof Islands, AK

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Welcome to the APPLES Photo Journal

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July 2016 Workshop                                                             Greenland Research