Susan A. Smith, NBCT Takotna Community School in Takotna, AK

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Ms. Muscaro’s students collected anecdotal evidence from April – June using the OTC and a control plot. There was a faster rate of initial growth in the OTC plot versus the control. Students harvested strawberries about a week earlier in the OTC plot than in the control plot. The same cultivar of rhizomes were planted on the same day/time, watered for […]

Jess Muscaro Pittsburgh Public Schools

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Nell Herrmann Blue Hill Consolidated School

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A group of students from Blue Hill Consolidated School have been completing an investigation on Kentucky Blue Grass this summer, comparing grass planted within a warming chamber to grass planted in a control plot. In addition, they have been comparing alder in a warming chamber to alder in a control plot. The results of their exploratory project will be […]

Susan Smith, Pribilof Islands, AK

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Welcome to the APPLES Photo Journal

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July 2016 Workshop                                                             Greenland Research