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Teacher’s workshop – June 2021

This summer the APPLES team hosted a virtual 3-day workshop for 22 elementary, middle school and high school teachers. We look forward to seeing their class room projects this fall! Feel free to follow along with each teacher on our Participants page.

Pre-workshop readings for 2021

Day Two – morning: Climate change impacts: a discussion about this moment in the arc of history

We are all experiencing aspects of climate change in our lives. However, for some people and communities the impacts are far greater and some impacts are ‘known’ in that we know they could happen, but not when or the extent. What have you experienced? What do you know about climate tipping points? How can we discuss uncertainty in the science and the potential for climate change to be a ‘threat multiplier’ for social justice issues with compassion. 

Day Two – afternoon: Collecting, Accessing, and Working With Messy Data

A conversation about the trials and tribulations of collecting data in the field and the ethics of data sharing.

Professional Biologist

Day 3 – afternoon: Community Science Round Table Discussion

An open conversation about communicating climate change science from engaging with students to families to colleagues and community. We will center this around the ongoing drought and heatwaves in the Western United States. What have you heard and from where are you learning about it? Have you experienced the impacts personally? We will discuss the ideals of community science (note this is different than citizen science see reading) and if these could apply to and support your efforts to engage in conversations about climate change.

What is Community Science?
NGSS 8 Science Practices
Teacher to Teacher

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