Susan A. Smith, NBCT Takotna Community School in Takotna, AK

It has been six months since we have seen our open top chambers from the ground. We have had literally tons of snow since October 24th, however there are holes in the snow from which we can shine our thermometer into to get the temperatures. On several occasions it was entirely too cold to get a reading, mostly for the outside of the OTC. Lately we have not been able to dig our holes due to large depths of ice, ┬ábut the air temperatures were in the 40’s this past week so we have hopes for this Tuesday’s temperature readings.

My class has graphed each week’s data and it is interesting to see the temperature fluctuations. We will be comparing the data my students on St. Paul Island took last year to see if there are any correlations. I am looking forward to having this discussion, because I want to see how well these 3rd and 4th graders can analyze data they did not collect.

Unfortunately my photos are all too large to post and I do not know how to reduce them to post them. I will definitely have them on my powerpoint presentation in July.

I am looking forward to seeing you in July at Penn State. Our different projects will be fun and education to see and discuss.