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Kristin Joivell

Wow!  Greenland!  I never thought that I would have the opportunity to travel to this fantastic and wonderful place!  Looking back on last summer’s trip, it almost seems surreal to me that I was there at all–but the pictures prove that it wasn’t a dream.  I think one of the most valuable things to me this school year was to be able to validate to people in my community that climate change research is occurring in the Arctic right now.  Being able to show students, parents, and faculty the photographs of the OTCs being used in Greenland just like the one being used in the gardens at our school really gave credibility to the JV Phenology Project that I conducted over the past 2 school years.

Being able to see the glacier as it was calving off into the river was truly what hit home for me as it applies to the negative effects of climate change.  As it was breaking off, it made me wonder how much of the glacial melt was “normal” compared to other years and how little changes can make big impacts.