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    Cinda Murray

    I’m putting this out there for discussion and peer review:

    In the workshop we discussed the shortcomings of the traditional linear display of the scientific method.  As Dr. Kathy Hill from Penn State CSATS shared the Master Model representation, I felt compelled to share an example outcome of how I think the information I received in the 2016 APPLES Workshop enhanced my approach to coaching/mentoring student independent research projects.   Below is a link to my webpage where one of my students, Heather Bowers, reported her findings from an independent research project for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (side note: the independent research project for my students has four “report out” components- research poster, webpage, presentation, and formal lab report).  I think Heather’s post provides some evidence of the transfer of concepts of Master Model Kathy presented – especially in her Reflection Statement.

    Does anyone else do independent research with students? Any thoughts or suggestions? Kathy can you post or drop us additional links and resources about the Master Model/System thinking that could be helpful?

    Link to webpage:


    Kristin Joivell

    At APPLES 2016, Nell recommended Douglas Llewellyn’s book to me to help with creating science lessons in which students can gain ownership of the entire science process, Differentiated Science Inquiry.  Over the past 2 school years, I was able to re-create my existing lessons following the format in this book with much success to that regard!  Check it out at:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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