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    Cinda Murray

    January 2017
    Soil Analysis Investigations:

    Soil Composition Lab- Percent Sand, Silt, Clay & Organic Material

    After learning about soil composition, students use a standard separation technique to observe the different components of a soil sample.  As the samples settle the soil sorts out by particle size.  A great use of recycled bottles.  General instructions for carrying out the lab can be found at http://www.soil-net.com/sm3objects/activities/Activity_JamJar.pdf and adapted for any level.
    We’ll use this method to further analyze the long-term study sites once they are established this Spring.  Chemical tests will also be performed on the newly established sites.

    The weather has varied quite a bit this month.  I am amazed by the stability of the warming chamber design and its ability to endure wind and snow.


    • Temperature readings vary greatly depending upon the angle and spot chosen to collect a reading.
    • There are noticeable differences in snow fall and melt in and out of the chamber.  Students are working to design a way to measure the differences.

    Milkweed Germination Study Continued:
    A student is taking the lead on extending the milkweed study.  Angela will plant milkweed seeds and measure the area of growth using the timelapse camera and imageJ software.
    Photos and updates coming soon!

    Dina Taucher

    Awesome soil comp. technique with recycled materials–thank you for sharing, Cinda.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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